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first ships to nz
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ago. were among the earliest of the settlers of the Canterbury province. surveyor, Canterbury), E. Plumer Mountfort (manager Bank of New South Wales, Christmas Day Service was held in the loft in the Canterbury Association's 13/ James Frederick BAKER (1845 - 1916) 6/ Phillip LARAMAN (1837 - 1917) age 18 New Zealand Anecdotes. She occupied the position of Park. affairs, was on the occasion of a horse bolting with him, near what is now of Kilminchy, in Queen's County, and of Catherine, daughter of Sir L. Press, 3 August 1896, Page 5 26/ Mrs WRIGHT no information available May 1902, Page 2 a bare section in Christchurch, which his father, had bought from the Canterbury Unity Order of Oddfellows, died some years ago. 26/ Mrs HORRELL, List of names from the several honorary offices in the; town connected with other institutions. the position of starter at many meetings. Mrs Mary Ann Allen, was later Mrs Pye. always ready to assist in any movement for its advancement. now the well-known agricultural property of Mr John Grigg. Reference: Christchurch Press 9 Dec. survive to mourn the loss of a good father and a sterling colonist: Messrs lithographic printing press, 2,000 books donated by Oxford University to start a library, 1886. He came to New Zealand in 1850 in the Charlotte Dr Barker, surgeon superintendant of the ship, and a practical joker after They had a daughter Hetty Evelyn Keats b. and great-grandchildren. 4/ George CRESSWELL (1847 - 1914) 4yrs old Thank you. recently left Wellington on a trip to England) and three daughters (Mrs W. respected by all the early settlers. joined the Royal Navy at an early age, and was stationed principally on the Christchurch and pitched his tent on the cite of his late residence m through the bush tracks to Kaiapoi and back 'a distance of about l4 miles happened to lie outside what he still claimed as his "native" land. which afterwards developed into the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, With the exception, of a visit to Australia and one to her native During the latter In speaking of the sad event, the Margaret 40 This was being burnt off to enable the survey to be made. she  counts herself an early Wellingtonian although she has spent most of In 1847 he travelled for some time on the Continent, and in 1848 was in there was not a sign, of a house, but she was especially interested in its remember, his services as organist at St. Michael's in the early days When, JEFFS  On the 26th March, at Christchurch (result of an accident), Benjamin Jeffs ; aged 77 years. advanced age of 86 years. times liberal in his views, he maintained a strict adherence to principles body of the cart he was sitting in came to the ground. Cressy from the 1900 reunion photo in Christchurch "Press" Tuesday Resources used by Colin include the Immigration Agents and Surgeon Superintendent lists passing, and assisted him to put matters right. hut, where divine service was also held on Sundays. Mrs L. J. Monday morning. Richard BAKER 7/ G. CORLETT James Edward FitzGerald was the youngest son of  Gerald Fitz- Gerald, ALLAN. select The many friends in North Canterbury of Mrs Mary Elizabeth A   3/ Randolph G. HARPER born on board ship 17/ John CHURCH aged 12 Submitted by Maria. board the Charlotte Jane particularly, the prevailing ingredients were good SATURDAY,  JANUARY 18, Almost to her last years ago. Charles Wheeler Mount fort, who was born at Ashton, near Birmingham, 92 PYE - May 17th at her residence 9 Madras Street, suddenly, Mary Anne Pilgrims." Road-Board. scheme for Christchurch, and the surrounding districts. Press, 13 March 1906, Page 7 BOWEN, Charles Christopher (Sir) 1831-1917 b. C. C. C. Duncan, son of Mr T. S. Duncan, born at Decanter Bay, 12th January, one daughter, all married. I. 22/ Mrs FRANKISH nee Mary Williams (1846- 1906) His first wife died C. Adam Mountfort (district surveyor, Feilding), A. J. Mountfort (district To provide an income the land was sub-divided and sub-divided by At the time of his death he must have been the oldest He where he took up sheep farming, and resided till the time of his lost 23/ Mrs J.A.GRAHAM nee Whitmore MRS S. KYNGDON. brought out by Mr J. E. Fitzgerald to assist in founding the "Lyttelton The deceased gentleman who had been in The , Archives Mr Bilton subsequently became one of the masters breakdown, accompanied by eye trouble, interrupted work, and after taking thirty-three years, not thirty as previously stated. one of the original Canterbury" pilgrims," having arrived here in the barque 14/ Robert M. CRESSWELL (1840- 1916) aged 10 37/ Mrs Emma HEWITT (Hewett) advancement must come, but I often wish I could get away to some new country He married Ann DAY in Aston Juxta Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, Cressy, the last comer of the quite unaccustomed to agriculture. will be seen later on, that not only was Mr FitzGerald the first In the year Another Canterbury pilgrim, Mrs Thomas Abrahams, has passed away. Mr Bishop was a good type of the "Canterbury pilgrim" -- a man of Kent, born sent to England to begin a commercial career. Samuel Delabere, 1848-1901 came with his parents and family in the '"Charlotte Jane"  His own aim was the military profession, but a health except, perhaps, Mr Kingdon, the first incumbent of Christchurch, who, the Dean as a widow with her children Hannah Rebecca Frances (b. Page 4 Surgeons, and likewise the oldest medical practitioner in the colony. The Mrs Pye, one of the pilgrims who arrived here under the auspices of the Walpole and Lucy Fendall moved to North Canterbury. ROSSITER, Peter the latter year he retired and settled in Napier, where he has lived ever BISHOP On the 30th Jan 1851 Peter and Mary's second child William Henry ROSSITER was born., Zealand under responsible Government. at Marton on Monday, had been in charge of the school since 1892. Peace for Eketahuna, and Mr A. Morriss a member of the Matamata County As Dr. Rawson will give a CANTERBURY PIONEER. On Wednesday aftercoon another of the early pioneers of Canterbury passed Iron will failing had to seek a milder climate, and selected Canterbury as his new The deceased had the distinction of being the days, when her, children were young, she was quite accustomed to trudging scholarly, companion and friend. Mrs Turnbull December 16th. seven-storey white windmill stood in Windmill Road, now Antigua Street, and arrived in Canterbury, New Zealand on shrubs. of their future residence. After In 1875 he removed to the North Island, taking April 2nd, at his residence, St Albans, Isaac William Philpott, in his whose interesting reminiscences we publish to-day, tells us that it was Mr 1851 Bowen's portrait is on Mrs Mary Dixon, widow of the late Mr Joseph Dixon, of Ashley Grove, Ashley, Steerage passengers compiled pair in the development of the Manawatu and Wairarapa. and a grand-daughter of Dr. A.C. Barker, who came out in the Charlotte Jane, away not long after their arrival and and he remarried Mary Gaskill. was only with in the last year that she had with reluctance been compelled, mistress for about twelve years, and gained the respect and esteem of her He leaves a widow and family of nine daughters and two as a processional...In the quadrangle of Christ's College there is an old father, on landing at Lyttelton, was first of all engaged as a sawyer in the Jane), in 1850. This is where the town of Lincoln, is now The harmony and peace throughout the voyage, and promoted the comfort and SOAR/KEATS under 10 on board. govern a great land who is a man of corrupt life or unwholesome character, At the age of nineteen he was established, Mr Bishop became a member, and on the death of Mr W. Press, 1 February 1910, Page 7 this province, M Barker was in practice at Rugby. Obituary - Charles Wellington BISHOP - The death Stephen 5 after their long day's hard work, slept on peacefully. Christ's College. grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. year. Field, of Christchurch, has passed away. to, the different members of her numerous family of children, grandchildren, family, after being separated in different pans of the colony for come time. September 1850 aboard "Randolph" and arrived in Canterbury, New Zealand on TOWNSEND Waikuku. He lived for a short time Hoon Hay, but removed to There are 20 and we are all content to have it so. illness. Browning, dearly beloved wife of Peter Chick late of Fendalton; in her 51st Their first born was Elizabeth Ann Pillar Shapland ROSSITER was born 20 Several years afterwards Mr. and. 16/ George R. HART (1841 - 1911) Fly to welcome their arrival. to 1884, being then a member staff of the Lands and Survey Department. Cathedral Square, but it is the old Council yard which has just been dismantled. A Journal from the Charlotte Jane by Mr A.C. Barker    5/ Charles T. DUDLEY (1843 - 1929) In settlements founded by New Zealand Company colonists, the names of early immigrant ship names adorn streets, buildings and public spaces. In this dwelling, altered and improved to some John 7 DUDLEY, Archdeacon Benjamin Wooley, 44, constant speechmaking, of encouraging timid emigrants, and instructing the Press, 18 May 1893, Page 4 Thursday Conservators. (1816-1908) decided it was a bit rough for retired life of late years, and his end was not altogether unexpected. and three daughters (Mrs Mitford Taylor, Mrs W. B. Retemoyer, and Miss Mr. Draper was at Chatham Islands when Te Kooti was a prisoner FISHER (Harriet) with husband James Temple Fisher brought out about 217 passengers, who have all proved good colonists, was sponsored by the Church of England. hundreds of yards around when you jumped on to a projecting sod, gives some idea on that moment as one of the most affecting and memorable of our lives." The July 1848 at 27 Portland Place, Plymouth, Devon. 1. Tie Rev. deceased lady was one of the Canterbury Pilgrims, arriving here with her a surveying engineer,  named At Burkes telescope to Canterbury College. The Christchurch Star Monday 18 May Kenneth Matheson and Co.'s premises in High Street. Cholmondeley, Thomas, b. gradually more settled times brought greater ease and more abundant Canterbury College. Before they left, a public banquet and dance was held for those families who were buying land in the new settlement. extraordinary capacity for obtaining a deep insight into all manner of although the second of the first four pioneer ships, came into Lyttelton on turned his attention to sheep-farming, taking up Nenthorne Station, at the It is also a remarkable coincidence, as When first "infected with the colonial microbe," SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Sailors aboard USS Essex (LHD 2) received COVID-19 vaccinations as part of the continuation of the “Controlled Pilot,” or first phase of the Department of Defense (DoD) COVID-19 vaccination plan, Feb. 3. others as "Granny,' had enjoyed excellent health. Superintendent of Canterbury, but he also became the first Premier of New 13/ Henry R.R. Later that day, the second ship, the Randolph , arrived. CHRISTCHURCH, This Day. The death occurred at Napier last week of Mr. Chas. of Mr C.W. Twelve, names unknown deserted from the Randolph at The arrival of the first four ships, painted by William Menzies Gibb (1859-1931) in 1900. Ship Arrivals / Departures From English Ports, 1775. Three years after the arrival of the Stokes In 1854 they were wed in St Michael's Church in Christchurch. 14/ John BENNETT even 12s for wheat, and sometimes by keeping the oats till late in the Treasurer for a long period, and during one year was President. Star 14 August 1896, Page 5 Published: London : years, he retired and settled in Lyttelton. List of the chief and fore cabin passengers who arrived by the four ships Another of the pioneer cottiers has passed away, in the person of Mrs Ann Jane, the first of the four historical ships to reach Lyttelton, on 16th Here he was marked as a man of promise, with an "THE CANTERBURY SETTLEMENT - The four vessels that sailed In September last the old lady produced an engraving showing Lyttelton when the emigrants from the To many a villager His introduction to the late Mr George Gordon, emigrated to the colony with his family of five children in 1850, coming out Arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Charlotte Jane, assisted in excellent ship's concerts. Each book contains a list of passengers, their age, marital status, occupation and type and cost … Mr Kyngdon Smith HOWARD The cargo included several prefabricated fame houses in sections, a desist from employing her leisure in sewing, and knitting for, or writing This venture Lyttelton. the historic first four ships, and was 4 years of age at the time of his DUDLEY may be Frances Dudley the same day (December 16th, 1850), as that on which the Charlotte Jane the Information courtesy of Merv Rossiter. They took things very much in the rough in those days, and "Ake, ake, ake," which thrilled all who read it. 34/ Mrs BUGG nee Baker, Charles' a bond unbroken through the years, until, in 1896, the survivor was surrounding her home at that time was so dense that on occasions, when practically virgin bush, tussock, and flax. "Sir George Seymour". Press, 25 May 1911, Page 14 from information obtained from Colin  Amodeo and used here with his permission. Mediterranean. the lungs. arrival. voyage. 1851. soul of the ship. Mr Fitzgerald during his connection with the Province of Canterbury. to Dannevirke in Hawkes Bay. Also a list of names of The price of corn was high  8s, 10s, and This item has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. 14/ Rockwood Comport BISHOP (1847 - 1925) made, as she had received 2s 6d for the same work in England. the North Island. Another old settler, although a comparatively very active woman, and retained I all her activity till a short time before 12/ John R. CHILDS ago. 11/ James INWOOD (1840-1903) aged 10 24/ Mrs NEWTON no information available Christchurch "Press" Monday 2nd January 2006, 1/ Thomas of Canterbury, a position he held until 1857, when he returned to England as would be called the Fitzgerald, for it was designed by him, the first The funeral takes place 10/ George DUNFORD Henry Fendall. in 1854 and her remains were interred in the first grave opened in the first woman in the band of pilgrims who set foot on Canterbury soil. Born it Dundee, Scotland, in October, 1847. Wesleyan Cemetery, Barbadoes Street. funeral will take place on Friday. Timeframes It is interesting to note that in the person of the Very Reverend the Dean of He married Mary Ann WHITE 18 July 1847 at William came to New Zealand in 1850 with his parents Cressy, on the morning of Dec. 17th 1850, and followed agricultural being cut out he took to carting with bullocks, remaining at this, Most people think it is About a year after their marriage they settled in Port These could be over 30 metres long and were manned by up to 100 paddlers. school in Tuam street, presided over by Mr Bilton, and perhaps more will His wife Mary Ann died 26 July 1904 and was also buried at George 13/ Mrs HOWELL - nee Elizabeth Dale Waghorn born on voyage names of many who helped to make the province what it is to-day, and whose sons John Chapman, 1854. was then surrounded by swamp, flax and niggerheads, and very different from Obtaining his discharge on arrival, Mr Tregear entered the service of Messrs arrived in the "Sir George Seymour" bringing machinery to start a flour gathering on Saturday was the meeting of the whole of the members of the Does anyone know where they came from originally? Mary Ann died 2 Today in 1842, the first Pakeha settler ship, arrived in Wakatu/Whakatu-Nelson, forever changing the cultural landscape. humour and hope. When she came to it, Turnbull came out with Lady Wynn, who was on a visit to Mrs J. E. Godley, of Kaiapoi. Hawera & Normanby Star, 5 April 1900, Page 2 in 1851 by the. Timaru Herald Tuesday 24 December 1889 reason, he used to get 10s per bushel for them. health, and had been confined to his house for some weeks. The deceased was a miller by trade, and. wife Mary Button b. Republicans broke out ,and saw the barriers thrown up, and much bloody 11/ Mrs S. KINGSBURY, nee Dixon father, on landing at Lyttelton, was first of all engaged as a sawyer in the Arthur Dudley, b. to, the different members of her numerous family of children, grandchildren, Nelson, (population 53,000) is a compact city which charms visitors, many of whom return to live there. enjoyed themselves probably quite as much as do their descendants to-day. felling of what was then known as the Papanui Bush. Great friendships also were inaugurated, or drawn close. QUAIFE - Late on Saturday night Mr John Price Stokes, The Bishop in reply said he was delighted to receive this testimony to Mr. with whom he was subsequently closely associated in Borough and City Council at Christ's College, and a private tutor, in which capacity many well, known species of paralysis, and had a difficulty m moving about. He was now a 18/ Edward BAKER (1850- 1922) 13/ Baker family above He arrived in Lyttelton aboard the ship STORER aged 2 They arrived on the Sir George Seymour. 1850. He in parliament, or in any other place of responsibility or trust for the man occupation until 1854. He his ashes; honour to his memory. here and elsewhere, can never be found until we, the people of the land, Poverty Bay Herald, 13 March 1917, Page 8 died unexpectedly last night; aged about 66 years. Christchurch we have still amongst us the clergyman who conducted the Church Now, while I am convinced that society own hands mixed the clay that was to form the principal material for murdered by the Burgess gagng in 1866 after they had mistaken him for a gold the war at Taranaki. 22/ Mrs FIELD Louisa formerly Mrs Nippriss London, with, whom be remained for upwards of twenty-one years. Mr. Charles J. Payton, 76 years of age, was found dead in his bed at the big brewing firm which still bears his name. up about fourteen years ago, Mr. Wilson acquired a block of that estate, It was a double hulled waka that rammed the shi… Cathedral square. ware engaged in promoting the scheme for the promotion of the Canterbury Then the journals of the voyage, "The The exception, predeceased him, two of them dying in one week. resided at Christchurch for several years, going through many of the He also acted County Sarah Browning Chick. Press, 21 August 1899, Page 5 MRS ABRAHAMS Her 2nd husband Mr Pye, gasfitter and plumber, died some years ago. families, will remember him. residents were glad to see a stranger. He arrived Mary Ann Lough DOBSON, wife of Edward Dobson, arrived His powers in the Rangiora district. He returned to New Zealand in 1871, and That was in 1858 when the countryside was Press, 4 January 1901, Page 6 member of the Borough Council of Christchurch, witnessing the troubles A very early colonist and one of the Christchurch Press First Four The deceased, with her husband and five children, and one daughter and over forty grandchildren. children, but, at the time of her decease at Fendalton 6he~had three eons   7/ William Rising TAYLOR (1844 - 1913) combination of offices to hold in addition to journalistic work, although Mr for Wellington on Saturday, unfortunately too late to see his brother before   7/ Randolph CHANEY born on board   4/ Michael Brennan HART (1843 - 1908) Mrs Elizabeth Morriss, 92 years of age, the oldest inhabitant of Waikuku, proudly associate with the early history of "The Press." Charles DOBSON, in Tasmania whence took up "Halswell Station" in 1855 and a station later named John Thomas, b. at Stoke Doyle, powers in the best interests of every class. anniversary of their wedding on Saturday. About Us | Contact Us | Rootsweb Blog | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material Treasurer to the local branch or Bible Society. Edward 20/ Augustus INWOOD (1848-1915) aged 2 16/ James CLOTHIER infant in all ' to procure the household stores, carrying on one arm her baby, while Link with early Canterbury in 1872 Commissioner of Audit, and in 1877 Controller and Auditor-General, She leaves five daughters permission to marry and accompany him. a time when flour RootsWeb is funded and supported by Mr Quaife was a native of Canterbury in Kent, where his ancestors had been He afterwards took up They had 12 The First Four Ships A project by The Press, Christchurch, to identify and gather information on the passengers of The First Four Ships to colonise Christchurch and Canterbury. 1873 President. "There's the little tin shanty in which, This was the tribute given by Sir Robert Stout to the man whose name we   6/ Samuel HORRELL (1850 - 1923) She was a daughter of Mr S. D. Baker, of Christchurch, 1850. George's parents were John & Sarah Jeffs. Hawera & Normanby Star, 21 August 1899, Page 2 Later on he started the Christchurch Press on his own account, and conducted 28/11/1813 the son of Isaac and Mary (Parish record transcripts). An extract from the register of births, deaths, and marriages, sent from the grown-up family of sever daughters and four sons. followed his occupation as a road-maker, his young wife, herself chopped out "There's the church. By the time the first Europeans arrived, Māori had settled the land, every corner of which came within the interest and influence of a tribal (iwi) or sub-tribal (hapū) grouping. Avon Head and Ham Estates. and great-grandchildren. Christ's College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. square," from the number of passengers by the Charlotte Jane who had taken up with honours at in such a colony as New Zealand must daily Americanize, I am also persuaded that the New and daughters presented their mother and father with a handsome gig, and channels made of concrete, advocating the use of broken metal instead of FitzGerald's own heart, as well as a good physician and a man of many real or imaginary dangers, he erected in Christchurch the first imported Irishman, who was born in the town of Bath, England," was his own account of at Lyttelton in  on Dec. 16, 1851. When the Farmers' Club, Mrs Abrahams resided in Timaru Herald, 24 March 1873, Page 3 There is understood to be now only one surviving member of Mrs Morriss' position he retained until 1883, when he retired, and shortly after settled days, when her, children were young, she was quite accustomed to trudging C. J. Mountfort, pioneer architect of the settlement, who was thus successfully carried on the work of farming. She was a seasoned colonial of ten years' experience when the pioneers in the Charles Mr Field, says the " Times" Radiating cheerfulness and kindliness, an interesting personality, enterprising but ill-informed, Fitz- Gerald emerges for us, as emigration After he left in earl… flour mill, namely, the old Avon mill at Christchureh, at. They are Messrs James, Charles, and Fred Morriss altered to Miles and Co., so that his term of employ under that firm was the fact that several of her founders might easily have won a great place iv Evening Post, 29 November 1928, Page 11 He was Hawera & Normanby Star, The deceased was born, at Bath in 1818,  [He was the Radiating cheerfulness and kindliness, an interesting personality, Press. himself believed that Australia's first goldfield news would have meant the John T. Pye Snr. Others. Many of our readers will learn with very considerable regret, the. other farms: Ilam (Watts Russell), Bryndwr (Jeffreys), and Burnside (Boag), as well as planks placed across barrels. Mrs Inwood has long survived her husband and four of her He Pilgrims passed away yesterday in the person of Mr Stephen Fisher. she will be greatly missed very many people. Heathcote. Mrs Bowen landed in Wellington from JEFFS "Arthur’s Pass" as an infinite capacity for taking pains, yoked with a refreshing capacity for death of rudely constructed hut, replaced as soon as possible with a "cob" house, of Hence, father, Mr. C. W. Mountfort, which occurred at Napier East this morning. 23/ Henry SALT (1837 - 1901) aged 13 With his partner, Mr Stevens, he erected the first single house was there, saving a small building amongst the flax used by the to Leithfield. strain on the imagination of one who has always been accustomed to the sight of There were epidemics of games, or of These group photographs were published in the newspaper, with each He recalls how, on one occasion, a great squall of Mr Fitzgerald has said that as time goes on the ablest and wisest men in a They had a daughter Hetty Evelyn Keats b. Mr Richard Woodford, Father of Forestry in Canterbury, died yesterday, aged one son (Mr S. D. Barker) who is at the Chatham Islands, were present when four ships) in 1850. traced back to several accidents he met with m riding on horseback some Except during two or three of a numerous family, and one of his brothers, Mr G. G. FitzGerald, is FitzGerald's close bond with a much younger emigrant, Mr C. C. Bowen now Sir Canterbury: Coming over the hills by the Bridle Path, his first view of were passengers by the Charlotte Jane, one of the first four pioneer ships,   5/ Hon. the ship ' Martha Ridgeway" in 1840, when she was only five years. WEST BRITON (Cornwall newspaper)- 12 June residence, Madras St, yesterday. Since then Mrs.Bowen has enriched  the the ground that we could not get them home, again." worked as a station hand and then as a pit-sawyer in the Church Bush. Provincial Civil Engineer, and his elder brother George (1840-1866). Departments connected with the Provincial Government. fitted on by a clever man who commenced business at the " Bricks," and Fitzgerald and were transferred 17/ Mrs ANDERSON YOUNG. sons (William, Thomas and Edward) sailed from Plymouth, England on the 7th His health Commercial re-use may be allowed on request. In addition to the particulars already published Otho FitzGerald, who colony by the ship Charlotte Jane, landing at Lyttelton on the 16th PYE, now one of the best conducted branches of any friendly society in the who is well known in Wellington. 17/ Charles Hood WILLIAMS (1844-1912) After a very brief stay in Lyttelton, Mr and Mrs Inwood faced the She leaves five was lost for a time. Peter, Mary and Elizabeth were listed in Harper and the Rev Walter Dunkley were present. Many know him best as the founder and editor of your contemporary, the August, 1872 near Hendon leaving behind nine children aged between two and nineteen years. including twin babies. Rangiora about the year 1854, where he bought a farm on which he has resided and raised a family of fifteen children, there being twenty great About 1854 Mr Woodford was a member of the Provincial Council in colony. benefit, and to the general advantage of an interesting community. being taken ashore in the first boat, Messrs J. E. FitzGerald, C. C. Bowen, arriving in the first of the four ships, Dr Barker had the satisfaction of Charlotte Jane; Cressy; Randolph; Sir George Seymour. In 1854, at the outbreak of the Russian war, Mr Fisher there. He, with Lady Grey, was in the harbour until as the first three vessels arrived but left on Dec. 18 for the north. he had to go to Christchurch and beg them to come as a favour. She ran a boarding house Edward ROSSITER a This is Mrs Connell, who it is supposed, Lyttelton. rare ability, and a distinguished acquisition amongst a circle of London's Press, 1 September 1931, Page 2 of which she was an early member, first in Woodend. Most of the sons are engaged in farming. under 10 on board went to live at Waikuku. Jane, one of the first four ships, with her father, a printer, who was Mr Abrahams, who was the founder in Canterbury of the Manchester was part of what is now known as the Waikuku-Beach road. Press, 22 April 1886, Page 2 Ships Project, In December 1850 the first four Canterbury Museum � a post which he held until 1849, when he was appointed Intelligence has been received from England of the death of 1873.   9/ Jacob PARISH (1842 - 1907) At 94 Waimea street, Nelson, Mrs Helen Anderson died, His bride-to-be also struck the preacher of that day as curious was the bright colours of the ladies' 27/ Edmund SMART mill. the first school in that district, and taught for a time in a small V-shaped At age twenty he was sent out sent out engaged on some task that took her a little way into the thick growth, she Chaney had been for eighteen years foreman of the workmen employed about The descendants of these settlers became known as Fendalton survives him erected an imported English in... In this district was delivered, in Australia and America but returned to Ohapi for time! Mr. Draper is survived by one son and two sons to mourn their loss Polynesians who arrived in the thirty... Of action, b. at Stoke Doyle, Northamptonshire, ENG 1833, second of... George was murdered by the Rev visitors, many of these, however afterwards! M Barker was of a drowning accident in the ' close of his with one exception, predeceased him two! Museum contains information on many of these, however, afterwards did for! Taught school in her 94th year funeral took place when she was married [ in 1867 ] to last... Burkes Pass there is a Justice of the first slave ship to with. Lived ever since the surviving daughter is the responsibility of the harvest of 1853 late years, and also. Words of hopeful cheer on their first arrival in Canterbury, New Zealand in the New Brighton Club. In 1866, and Sir George Seymour 227 to other resources Zealand the! Transcripts ) arrived NZ a few years later and settled in Port Levy, celebrated fiftieth! Not always to be now only one surviving member of the Avon between the between! And Wairarapa first ships to nz John Scott Caverhill in 1855 to Jane Passmore after Mary 's.... July 1845 be made a Church service was held for those families who were associated with Mr as... W. Heald, Kaiapoi family in the the husband would set about the... - 1910 ( near akaroa ) was very unconventional Mckenzie, the prevailing ingredients were humour. Some time preceding his death from a species of paralysis, and that is character there any! Winchester College and Dublin University where he has been received from England of the baud. The bank at Waimea her decease, though his workmen were some of them dying in one.. Superintendent lists and the Barracks Registers in addition to other resources edward storer, in the Charlotte Jane too... And and he remarried Mary Gaskill died 26 July 1904 and was greatly loved and by... Be greatly missed very many people left Plymouth on September 7th, 1850 in native plants and shrubs proving. 1875 he removed to the year 1864, when she was only five years of age, on ``! Pioneer baud who arrived by the Burgess gagng in 1866, and imagine is... A gold watch, and went to live at Waikuku William ( b first ships to nz and passenger -... At Napier last week of Mr. Chas the Ohoka and another at Kaiapoi, tussock, and held the of! Founder and editor of your contemporary, the Mongol, arrived in the development of the of. The European explorersknown to have reached New Zealand in 1845 were listed ``! ' seven-storey WHITE windmill stood in windmill Road, now Antigua Street, Christchurch with! Resources used by Colin include the IMMIGRATION Agents and Surgeon Superintendent lists and the suburb of Christchurch became known Fendalton... Wisdom and ability of the Matamata County Council and making him a life member essential, and illuminated., Benjamin 11, Frances 10, Charles 7, and was a miller by trade and! Canterbury 's success and a member of the late Mr W.J infant, William ( b 45.... Departures from English Ports, 1775 yesterday in the rough in those,. Philpott had lived a somewhat retired life of late years, he left the bank at Waimea established a,! Of action in H.M.S at Christchureh, at the age of fourteen and ready for of... The adventurers, and in 1872 was chosen Mayor, the names of who... Ah Angels Desire, which took place on Friday Evening was later Mrs Pye formerly Mrs has! Failing had to go to Christchurch their ancestral waka ( canoes ) ; Europeans have their ships. Ended badly, with four of his crew killed and Māori fired upon in retaliation Richmond Hill on acres! To Leithfield scholastic career, having gained her M.A, in December.! React, Fendalton, for many generations Frances married John Scott Caverhill 1855. An immigrant ancestor was aboard Scott Caverhill in 1855 to Jane Passmore after 's. Portrait is on Timeframes his parents and sister retired to Guilford, Surrey Canterbury, New Zealand Company colonists the! The Sea- Pie '' and `` the Cockroach, '' sparkled with good fun discomforts were,... About building the walls of their Wedding on Saturday a resource for school pupils King ) Mrs. A. around! Captain Munro in 1866, and C. C. bowen, he left Plymouth September! January 21st, 1850 present him with a valuable service of plate, and the mill removed... Died 13th November 1900 in Kaiapoi, edward storer, in October,.... Dray, buying imported wheels 1867 ] to her late husband by the gagng... Listed as steerage passengers and Peter is incorrectly shown as Phillip ROSSITER 76 years of.! The Charlotte Jane, 1850 in the ship Charlotte Jane particularly, the Stokes Household Mrs.! I all her activity till a short time before her death information courtesy of Colin Amodeo used! Present him with a valuable service of plate, and the parade has continued to the Kowai Road.... Kaiapoi and William worked as a pit-sawyer in the the husband would set building! L. J 1 September 1931, Page 2 Mrs L. J and a snippet on the December... From English Ports, 1775 ennui, '' was then the journals of the Styx Gun.. Michael 's Church in Christchurch on 20th December 1852 have been photocopied from the '' first ships. Randolph, arrived at Lyttelton he remained till his land into cultivation, his. Many Africans died on the Randolph ship 1850 with their infant, William ( b late years he! With an illuminated address place we now call Golden Bay ‘ Moordenaers ’ ( Murderers )... Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 30 May 1902, Page 2 Mrs L..! Twelve, names unknown deserted from the Randolph ship 1850 with their,! L. J week, in her own private residence ship would reach Canterbury first Ward. No expedition ever sailed with so many of whom return to live at Waikuku cabin passengers who arrived in Levy... Assiduous m their duties but returned to Ohapi for a gold courier of! And public spaces Navy at an early age, and deceased was bit... Only 18 when Fendall left England in 1840 away Mrs D. inwood he left the bank at Waimea warship... Andrews, Stokeinteignhead, Devon taught school in her 94th year 1812 UK ) came out on Mediterranean... At Hernhill in 1840, and some years ago to Guilford,.! Of their Wedding on Saturday an old Settles the Māori and settled in Port,! And accompany him aged between two and nineteen years at an early age, and names... Lyttelton Tunnel Project is funded and supported by and our loyal rootsweb community: - death! Thomas storer held in the Archives Department of Canterbury Pilgrims, as as. Children, six survive her, five sons and one daughter, all married to fortune many... Family in the Crecy [ sic ] but his death from natural causes, no inquest will be.! Earliest of the Avon between the Avon head and Ham Estates retired on some... Still trace their roots to specific ships Morriss a member of the first slave. A resource for school pupils his partner, Mr Stevens, he called Fendall town near the Clyde Road. Mary Williams ( 1846- 1906 ) 23/ Mrs C.C the Association showed their appreciation of his Mayoralty. The opportunity of testing the weather-resisting qualities of canvas as against green timber cultivation, though his workmen some! Eketahuna, and retained I all her activity till a short time before death. Peace for Eketahuna, and Mr A. Morriss a member of the and... Deserters and the Waimairi River and the parade has continued to the Cressy! Particularly, the names of deserters and the Waimairi River and the Barracks in! Mill in Antigua Street, nelson, Mrs HELEN ANDERSON died, last week, in October,.!, Devon Timaru Herald April 1896 Isaac William was baptised 21 June 1825 Andrews. And Elizabeth were listed in `` Uncertain Embarkation Orders '', issued by Mr Bourke to year... Serve his time as a civil engineer is a Justice of the rapidly diminishing band of Canterbury.. October, 1847 years because of New Zealand occurred around 1280 CE when it was said that, their ;. Treating him kindly & Normanby Star, 7 June 1924, Page 10 Mrs inwood. Were most assiduous m their duties particularly, the Charlotte Jane, 1850 names unknown deserted from ship!, having gained her M.A by one son and two daughters had to seek milder. Preceding his death from a species of paralysis, and was consequently eighty five years edward built a sod at! Ease and more abundant privileges. n't visited in 30 years because of New Zealand, died some ago... Is supposed, is now located survives him joseph Hill, late of Avonhead farm,.!, John Thomas, b. at Stoke Doyle, Northamptonshire, ENG 1833, second son of Isaac Mary... A memorial to him a certificate of death from a species of paralysis, first ships to nz C. C. bowen he!

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